Kmerge home page

by Philippe Fremy

KMerge is dead!. This program was developed for KDE 1 and was never ported to KDE2 and KDE3! However, KDE 3 features another program, Kompare, that is far more beautiful and features part of what KMerge could do. I'll work on kompare someday, to integrate all the KMerge features I can not live without! I keep this page for history. If you are looking for a good diff/merge program, you can look at the following:


Kmerge is an utility to handle diffing and merging of files or directories. It also deals with CVS conflicts and will perhaps handle other type of conflicts (diff3, patch).

Kmerge is distributed under the Gnu GPL and requires Qt 1.44, KDE 1 and Gnu diff.
The current version is 0.4 and it supports file diffing and merging, directory diffing and merging, cvs conflicts handling at file or directory level. KMerge is now usable and the next step before release will be mainly gui enhancing and port to Kde 2.




A lot of programs today have many version developped at the same time and by many users. Developpers often need to synchronise everything. Although I found a lot of programs and IDE doing files and directories diffing, the only thing I could find to do interactive merging and patching was sdiff and the e-diff mode of emacs. The first is VERY primitive (although sufficicent for simple file merging) and the second is quite good but reserved to emacs-user (and I use vim).

So I decided to start kmerge. That was a good opportunity to learn Kde and Qt. I was inspired by kdiff, sdiff, the e-diff mode of emacs, mdiff, my Needs and my Imagination.


Version Release date Features Download
0.1 September 15, 99 Simple file diffing kmerge-0.1.tar.bz2 (158 kbytes)
0.2 May 15th, 2000 Simple file merging kmerge-0.2.tar.bz2 (121 kbytes)
0.3 Jul 09th, 2000 Cvs conflicts handling kmerge-0.3.tar.bz2 (124 kbytes)
0.4 Sep 08th, 2000 Directory merging, CVS conflicts handling at the DIR level kmerge-0.4.tar.bz2 (141 kbytes)
0.5 Unknown Kde 2.0 porting, enhanced Gui


Well, any feedback of any kind is welcome: Bug reports, Features request, Ideas, Suggestions, Remarks, anything that makes me think that someone used kmerge is good.

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